Childhood Obesity: Physical Activity

School-Based Wellness and Physical Activity

In order to address the capacity and sustainability of implementing a school facility-level wellness policy, The Onondaga County Health Department (OCHD) will provide training for select Syracuse City School District (SCSD) teachers at schools in the Near Westside and Northside neighborhoods. Classroom teachers will be offered training around innovative and evidence-based approaches to implementing physical activities in the classroom, in addition to other opportunities to create environmental and practice changes in their schools.

Safe Routes to School

For some students in the Syracuse City School District, transportation for those who do not receive bus service is an important issue. Additionally, some parents of school-age children are not comfortable allowing them to walk to school, amid safety concerns. The Onondaga County Health Department will partner with SCSD and the City of Syracuse Transportation Planner to develop and implement Safe Routes to School principles at two schools in the Northside neighborhood. These efforts will be supplemented by health education equipment and promotional materials about pedestrian safety for students, parents, and faculty, proper signage around schools and crosswalks, and bicycle racks and locks for students who ride to school.

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