Community Wellness

To promote lifestyle changes aimed at improving nutrition, physical activity, and reducing the impact of chronic diseases for residents in the Near Westside and Northside neighborhoods, key TCI Syracuse partners are actively collaborating with various stakeholders in each community to develop and deliver wellness opportunities for residents.

Performance Park

Coming to the Near Westside neighborhood in 2018, Performance Park is an innovative, multi-use space that will encourage the community to engage in a variety of movement, including: playing, running, dancing, and exercising. The Near Westside Initiative, and its host of community partners working to make the neighborhood a healthier place, engaged residents to design a neighborhood park that encourages residents to exercise in a clean, safe space that is multi-generational – meeting the needs of young children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly. Outreach to the community will ensure a design that is culturally competent, holistic, and beneficial to the residents who will ultimately use the space.

Northside Wellness Space

In 2012, a focus group composed of Northside residents revealed some of the health challenges faced by the community, with many neighbors feeling isolated in their homes and unable to access outlets for recreation and exercise. The Transforming Communities Initiative offers neighborhood stakeholders an opportunity to look further into wellness needs and opportunities, and engage residents and organizations in the creation of space that begins to meet them.

Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) and Fruit & Vegetable Prescriptions

Diabetes self-management education is a critical aspect of care for all people with diagnosed diabetes to prevent or delay complications. It has elements related to healthy lifestyle changes and can support diabetic patients in managing the emotional toll of the disease that can make self-care challenging. A partnership between the Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion, Nojaim Brothers Supermarket, and St. Joseph’s Health Primary Care Center-West (PCC-W) clinic brings a unique opportunity to diabetic residents in the Near West Side neighborhood. PCC-W’s Registered Dietitian and clinical support staff, including pharmacists, podiatrists and ophthalmologists offer monthly group education sessions focused on nutrition for diabetic patients, physical activity, medication management and eye care. Fresh fruit and vegetable incentives will be provided to diabetic patients who are enrolled in the DSME program to encourage participation. The goal is to empower participants to make healthier choices when selecting the foods they purchase and eat.

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