Enabling Central New York stakeholders to transform and improve patient care while lowering health care costs.

Deborah Gordon-Messer – Population Health Data Analyst, HealtheConnections – Evaluator, Transforming Communities Initiative

HealtheConnections is a not-for-profit corporation that supports the meaningful use of health information exchange and technology adoption, and the use of community health data and best practices. This enables Central New York stakeholders to transform and improve patient care, improve the health of populations and lower health care costs. The Population Health Improvement team has been integral to advancing these efforts since its formation in 2015, collaborating with partners across the region, championing the reduction of health disparities and progressing county, regional and state population health goals. HealtheConnections supports the Transforming Communities Initiative project by leading evaluation activities, ensuring the highest level of effectiveness in our community. Our team will design and implement systems to measure the impact of local strategies and provide a foundation for future initiatives.

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